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The DASSY test team is a group of professionals that tests the DASSY workwear on the job, exactly where it matters most. Result: workwear tested by a pro! In this blog, we present you Brecht : Official DASSY test team member, thatcher, family business owner, clarinettist and big fan of the DASSY®Indy hoodie.

The DASSY test team

From father to son

It’s safe to say that Brecht was destined to become a roof thatcher. For generations, the craft of thatching was handed down from father to son in his family. "As far as we were able to retrieve it in our genealogy, men in our family have always been thatchers" he states proudly. "And we really traced generations back in our ancestry", he emphasizes. Straw was laid until the 1950s, then it changed to reed.

But my parents have never pushed me to join the family business. They didn’t have to either. I always knew what I wanted to be when I grew up: a thatcher. To me, it’s the best profession in the whole wide world: You’re always outside, the work is really rewarding and I simply love the result. But a reed roof does not only look good, it has many other advantages too. For instance, it’s durable, environmentally- friendly and has excellent insulation qualities.

Long live sturdiness!

As a roofer we are always working outside. Therefore, our work outfit must be weatherproof and resilient,” Brecht explains. It goes without saying that excellent knee protection is crucial, especially when you see a thatcher at work since they kneel almost the entire day on the reeds. “The great thing about the new DASSY®Dynax work trousers with knee pockets is that it combines the durability of Cordura® with the flexibility of stretch. They are very comfortable to move in and don't tear at the crotch!

Have a say (and get free clothes)

Why Brecht loves to be a DASSY testteam member? “You get free clothes”, he jokes. “But it also means the world to me that at DASSY, they really listen.

When Brecht was testing one of the earliest prototypes of the DASSY®Dynax, he noticed that the knee pockets were not perfectly positioned. “I gave my feedback and the DASSY R&D team got to work. The position was modified and I got an adjusted pair to test. I immediately noticed a vast improvement. It’s much better now!” Brecht concludes.

Next generation?

To conclude the interview, we inquired about the future of the family business. "I have 2 sons," says Brecht. “Will one of them, or both, be sold on thatching as well? We will have to wait and see!"