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DASSY professional workwear

Meet the DASSY HR team


In this blog, we regularly take a look behind the scenes at DASSY professional workwear. We want to present our different teams to you and explain how they help to create professional workwear that perfectly meets the needs of the modern professional. And the people that support all the people behind our brand? That’s the DASSY HR team!


579 days*. That’s how long Ann and Evelien have been working together in the DASSY HR department. “But it feels like much longer”, they smile. “We are really perfectly in tune with each other. While I focus on ‘softer’ HR tasks, Ann takes care of the numbers,” Evelien explains.

And those numbers matter. “Ensuring that our colleagues are paid accurately and on time is one of our top priorities”, emphasises Ann. Managing the payroll, all health plans and benefits is an important part of her day-to-day work. “But I’m always ready to help and listen to co-workers with questions or concerns,” Ann points out. “Because we have different personalities, the colleagues can always turn to the person that suits them best. And that is a real asset,” adds Evelien.


The co-workers are really what it is all about. “We want everyone to feel good at work. DASSY is a family business with an open culture and a strong hands-on mentality, ” explains Evelien. “As from the recruitment process, we try to analyse if a potential new colleague can and wants to be part of our DASSY story.”

That’s why, apart from tests to assess the competencies and skills of job candidates, their compatibility with the DASSY family is also taken into account. “We are looking for highly motivated people with a sense of initiative and the drive to not only bring their own projects to a successful ending, but also to help the entire company move forward,” says Evelien.


For the HR team, March 2020 meant all hands on deck. “It really was a very challenging time”, they state. “Figuring out the legislative framework for temporary unemployment and for working from home, ensuring the follow-up on salaries and compensations,… it was very chaotic. On top of that, we also had to make sure that all prevention measures were in place to guarantee the safety of our colleagues at the office and warehouse who couldn’t work from home.”

“All in all, our company has weathered the past period relatively well. Hopefully, touch wood, we can continue this way. And of course, we are eagerly looking forward to when we will be able to organise team activities again. Even though our colleagues have, in these past few months, organised some very nice corona proof initiatives to keep the team spirit alive, including a meme challenge, a team quiz, a Halloween @ home, ... it will be so nice to have an actual get-together again”, Ann and Evelien conclude.

* calculated October 30, 2020