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DASSY professional workwear

The perfect summer outfit? It's much more than a regular T-shirt + shorts


Sun’s out, guns out! On sunny summer days it is very tempting to choose a regular, airy T-shirt and pair of shorts from your wardrobe. But every professional knows: a ‘regular’ summer outfit can never compete with professional summer workwear. Make the right choice and get to work comfortably and practically without compromising on safety.

T-shirt -> DASSY® Kinetic : Breathable & robust

On hot summer days, when temperature is rising, short sleeves are an absolute must. Cotton is an excellent choice here : it is not only natural and light, but the fabric is also breathable and carries perspiration away from the body.

What is more, thanks to the elastane, the DASSY® Kinetic is soft and elastic and therefore extra comfortable to wear. The reinforcements from shoulder to shoulder and the two-needle stitching make this robust T-shirt the perfect partner for professional use, day after day. 

Shorts -> DASSY® Bionic : Practical & comfy

Working with a regular pair of shorts? No thanks! First of all: there is a big risk the fabric will tear. And secondly: where do you stow all your tools?

The DASSY® Bionic two-tone work shorts with multi-pockets offer you the comfort of shorts ... and so much more:

  • All the tool pouches that you can think of
  • Cordura® reinforcements on those parts where risk of abrasion is the highest
  • Mechanical stretch fabric
  • Trendy design
  • ...


DASSY® Corus : Outdoor sturdy

If you mainly work outdoors, you know like no other that summer safety shoes should first and foremost be sturdy. Thanks to its zero perforation midsole and composite safety toe cap, the DASSY® Corus keeps your feet well-protected.

Moreover this lowcut safety shoe goes the extra mile : the Plasmafeel® lining and the use of water-repellent and breathable full grain leather makes them extra comfortable to wear.

DASSY® Achilles : Indoor airy

Working indoors? Then you are definitely aware of the fact that temperatures can rise quickly. The DASSY® Achilles safety sandal gives your feet much-needed ventilation, combined with all the safety requirements that an S1P shoe must fulfil!

Headwear -> DASSY® Triton: stylish protection

Complete your outfit with this stylish cap. It’s an easy way to protect your head an eyes from the burning sun.