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DASSY® workwear

Our values

DASSY® workwear is more than just a label on a garment. When you choose our brand, you also project our values.


At DASSY®, you don't just find workwear. Behind the brand are real people who make every effort to provide you with comfortable and functional workwear. At DASSY®, you’ll find passion and we’re proud of that.


We devote our efforts daily to producing workwear in which professionals can work to the best of their ability. Because we understand better than anyone else what professionals really need. Our motto? Our craftsmanship for your craftsmanship. Together, we strengthen each other.


With our workwear, we strive for comfort and safety at the workplace. Of course, we’re not doing all of this alone. Our expert employees at our production centre in Sri Lanka give their best every day. And our dealers are ready to offer customers the best service.


Whether you need timeless classics, work trousers in 4-way stretch or standardised safety clothing, DASSY® meets the needs of every professional. We make workwear that fits the job and on which you can always rely.


The common thread running through our story? We strive for the highest quality. We ensure that every garment lives up to the highest standards. Because those who are passionate about the profession, are only satisfied with perfection.