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DASSY professional workwear

Declaration of Conformity

The Declaration of Conformity is available for the following products: 

  • DASSY® Brandon
  • DASSY® Buffalo
  • DASSY® Carter
  • DASSY® Carterville
  • DASSY® Chicago
  • DASSY® Cratos
  • DASSY® Dusseldorf
  • DASSY® Glasgow
  • DASSY® Idaho
  • DASSY® Lancaster
  • DASSY® Lucca
  • DASSY® Malmedy
  • DASSY® Nordix
  • DASSY® Nordix Women
  • DASSY® Odessa
  • DASSY® Omaha
  • DASSY® Orlando
  • DASSY® Phoenix
  • DASSY® Tampere
  • DASSY® Toulouse
  • DASSY® Venna

Download the Declarations of Conformity in English here:

Download the Declarations of Conformity in Czech, Croatian,  Danish, Estonian, Icelandic, Italian, Latvian, Norwegian, Polish, Portugese and Swedish here: 

You can find the Declarations of Conformity in the languages below by following the links: