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DASSY professional workwear

Meet the DASSY graphics team

Departement of the month

In 2019 we regularly take a look behind the scenes at DASSY professional workwear. We want to present our different teams to you and explain how they help to create professional workwear that perfectly fits the needs of the modern professional. In this article, we will focus on our team of graphic designers, which are responsible for making sure that our brand looks as good as our workwear!

DASSY pictures, leaflets, catalogues, car wraps … Let’s face it: without the DASSY graphic design department, it wouldn’t look as top-notch as it does now. This team is dedicated to developing and monitoring the DASSY corporate image. With their creative touch, they manage to make all ideas from the different teams ‘come to life’.

“The visual aspect of our brand is very important to us. That is why we consciously choose not to outsource these tasks to an external agency. Instead, we have our own graphic designers in-house", marketing manager Valerie explains. “Contrary to what you would expect, especially given the wide range of responsibilities, the DASSY graphic design department consists of only 2 people. As you can image, they’re really busy all the time. Nevertheless, Jeroen & Mercedes always succeed in translating the DASSY message into powerful visual communication, perfectly in line with our brand ”, she emphasizes.

The graphic deisgn team has many responsibilities. It would be nearly impossible to make a complete overview. One of their tasks includes making all visualisations for the different channels the marketing team uses to promote the brand and workwear. To name but a few examples:

  • offline: designs for print, packaging, promotional goodies,…
  • online: visualisations for web, social media, mailings,…
  • on the road: shop design, car wraps, window decals, conceptualizing the DASSY fair booth,…

Furthermore, the graphic design team is also closely involved in all DASSY product and advertisement photography. Finally, Jeroen and Mercedes also regularly use their creative skills to make what we call ‘special designs’. For instance, did you know that the DASSY Skoda Fabia R5 from rally driver Melissa Debackere was designed by Jeroen? 

Departement of the month