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DASSY professional workwear

Personalize your workwear

Highlight your company name or logo by having them embroidered or printed on your workwear. This way, you will stand out and maximise your corporate image advertising.


There are various ways to attach your company logo or name to your workwear. The choice you make largely depends on the garment you wish to personalise. For example, embroidery is the best solution for fleece jackets, while silk-screen or transfer printing is ideal for T-shirts and polo shirts. In addition, embroidery or printing on the back of your DASSY workwear becomes very simple thanks to a printer zipper. Together, we always look for the most suitable customised solution to optimally represent your company image. Please contact your DASSY dealer for more information or to receive a detailed offer.


Choose from the wide range of DASSY products to provide all your employees with uniform work clothing. All collections are structured in such a way that you can quickly and easily find the right clothing combinations entirely in line with your company colours. Are you looking for a unique collection of professional workwear specially designed for you? This is possible! Ask your DASSY dealer for more information


  • Achieve maximum results from your corporate image advertising by making sure your logo or name is clearly visible. The ideal place on your work jacket is on the back or on the chest; in case of work trousers the back pocket or leg is very suitable for all your personalisations.
  • For waterproof garments, embroidery is not advisable since water must not be given the opportunity to come through the embroidered fabric. In this case silk-screen or transfer printing can offer a solution.
  • The printing or embroidering of safety workwear is subject to restrictions as well. In case of high-visibility clothing for example, it reduces the reflective surface area, so that the certification of the garment is jeopardised. Always contact the safety adviser in advance for more information or ask your DASSY dealer for advice.