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DASSY professional workwear

Durable Fabrics - What does it mean to you?

Tensile properties and tear resistance

Durable fabrics do not tear easily. We perform thorough tests on our fabrics to ensure appropriate tensile and tear resistance. This is for example done by means of a tear test, in which a small incision is made in both directions of the fabric, after which we measure the strength required to tear the fabric further. Similar tests are carried out to determine the tensile resistance of the fabric. In this case, we measure the strength required to tear the fabric over a certain width without making an incision in advance. In both cases the strength of the fabric is in proportion to the strength required to tear the fabric.

Abrasion resistance

Another way to define the durability of a fabric is to define the fabric’s resistance to abrasion. This is measured by subjecting the fabric to a rotating, concentric rub under a certain amount of pressure. The test result is expressed in the number of cycles (rubs or revolutions) the device has made until visible abrasion appears. The higher this number, the more durable the fabric and the longer your piece of clothing will last.

Apart from these tests, all fabrics are also thoroughly tested for seam slippage resistance, anti-pilling properties and colour fastness combined with appropriate washing tests. We test all fabrics in our own labs and also have them tested by independent and internationally recognised testing institutes. This enables us to guarantee you the best results.