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DASSY professional workwear

YOUR brand, our guarantee

When choosing workwear, people indirectly also make their choice based on the label attached to it and the values associated with a brand. If you opt for DASSY professional workwear, then you also wear the name “DASSY”, and this name has a certain quality to it…

Tested and approved: at the test lab


Did you know that ... all DASSY workwear is tested and approved by professionals to ensure that it fully meets the needs of the end-user?

It all starts with the basis: Even before the actual design of the workwear, requirements are set which the fabric and the finishes have to meet. All raw materials are thoroughly tested by independent inspectors. That way we can guarantee that no harmful substances are used in any part of our clothing, (including fabric, garn, buttons, zippers,…). An annual renewal of the Oeko-tex® testing and certification process confirms our commitment.

Next, the wear and tear resistance, colour fastness, tensile strength, etc. of all fabrics are judged by independent, recognised test centres and by the DASSY experts at the new DASSY test lab.

... and on the work floor

On the job, the workwear is tested in great depth by the members of the DASSY test team. This group of independent professionals from diverse occupations and industries assesses the workwear based on its performance needed for their specific job. They wear the test pieces day in, day out in actual work situations, and are therefore extremely well-positioned to judge the durability, practicality, comfort,… of the DASSY workwear and safety shoes.

For specific collections, DASSY cooperates with specialists in the field, next to the ‘regular’ test team. For instance the brand new D-FX FLEX PAINTERS collection was tested in depth by more than 39 testers from 3 different countries.

With the feedback of the test centres and the test team the DASSY designers get back to work: The recommendations are studied in depth and taken into account in the design. Next, the adjusted product is tested again by the test team. And if necessary, adjusted again until it fully meets the needs of the user.



dassy oeko-tex

Although used too often nowadays as a trendy word, DASSY considers social responsibility a fundamental commitment to strive for social and environmental objectives in all business operations and relations with other actors. Within this scope, we always take the utmost care when choosing the products and suppliers we work with, we opt for environmentally friendly processes and continuously pay attention to the working conditions and the welfare of all our employees. 

The great importance DASSY attaches to this engagement can be felt throughout the entire production process. For example, all raw materials used meet the Oeko-tex®; standards, which ensures that no harmful substances are used in the manufacturing of our clothing and naturally speaking we oppose any forms of child labour, exploitation or discrimination. Based on this continuous pursuit of sustainable development DASSY wants to be a beacon of trust for any user..

Company cultures & values

Through integrity, honesty, passion for our business and our brand as well as respect for each individual and the environment.

Social responsibilities

Beside complying with all relevant legislation we seek to go beyond that to ensure that the working environment within all areas of our business protects the human rights of our employees, embraces diversity and offers fairness and equality in every respect.

Environmental initiatives

Beside meeting all applicable environmental laws and regulations, our commitment to the environment extends to continuous initiatives intended to reduce our environmental footprint.