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DASSY professional workwear

Tips for a warm winter work outfit


Working in the cold? Discover below our step-by-step guide to help you choose your winter outfit.

une tenue de travail adaptée au froid

The perfect winter jacket = excellent protection + best comfort

A good jacket for winter works offers professionals first and foremost an optimal protection against winter precipitation. It’s obvious that its fabric should be wind- and waterproof. But did you know that it should also be breathable? That way transpiration can efficiently be wicked away from your body. For additional warmth insulation, we recommend a winter jacket with an insulating padding. And what about stretch? Well, that guarantees an excellent freedom of movement!

> Our suggestions: the DASSY® Nordix stretch winter jacket is warm and comfortable, without looking puffy. Do you mostly need protection against wind and rain? The DASSY® Hyper wind- and waterproof work jacket is your partner in crime!

Work sweater or midlayer jacket + shirt = nice and warm

Do you prefer to wear a work sweatshirt as an outer layer? Definitely choose a lined sweater to face the freezing cold. Our favourite? Teddy lining! Your jumper looks tough on the outside, but is soft and warm on the inside! Would you rather wear a wind- and waterproof work jacket as an outer layer? Consider adding a midlayer jacket as an additional insulating layer.

And what about the shirt? That depends on your choice of jacket and sweatshirt. If they are really warm, you might want to opt for a short-sleeved T-shirt. But some like it hot! Then go for a T-shirt with long sleeves. Pro tip: a few buttons, or a short zipper, are practical details which can make a difference!

> Our suggestions: the DASSY® Pulse sweatshirt jacket as an outer layer or the DASSY® Convex midlayer jacket for an extra layer of warmth. Looking for a regular sweater that fits underneath your winter jacket? The DASSY® Stellar of DASSY® Velox are excellent choices. As a shirt we recommend the short-sleeved DASSY® Kinetic and the long-sleeved DASSY® Sonic.

Winterish work trousers: rugged, but also practical!

When choosing a good pair of work trousers for the winter, fabric is what matters most. It needs to be rugged, but should also ensure a maximal freedom of movement thanks to (mechanical) stretch fabric. Mind if the trousers of your choice have enough practical pockets. A fabric with a water-repellent treatment is a nice extra. And finally, you might also want to consider a pair of trousers with reflective details. It doesn’t just look good, it helps you to stay visible in the dark!

> Our suggestions: the DASSY® Nova two-tone work trousers with knee pockets. Need more stretch? Both the DASSY® Nova and the DASSY® Dynax have a main fabric with mechanical stretch. Additionally, the DASSY® Dynax offers Cordura®Stretch knee pockets and flexible 4-way stretch Cordura® inserts.

Warm work socks + sturdy safety shoes = happy feet

The first step in keeping your feet warm in winter? Wear socks. Wool socks. They wick sweat away from your feet to be reabsorbed into the air. To keep your feet dry and protected from outside moisture, we recommend to combine your socks with a pair of hardwearing, waterproof and breathable safety shoes.

> Our suggestions: the DASSY® Juno wool socks and DASSY® Thanos midcut safety shoes. Do you prefer a lowcut safety shoe? Try the DASSY®Nox! These safety shoes offer an excellent S3 protection and have a dynamic, sportive look. Furthermore, the modern textile upper is water-repellent, just like the leather upper from the DASSY® Thanos.

Pick the right accessories

Did you know that you lose heat through your head? It is therefore recommended to wear a beanie when working outside. Additional advantage: you can wear your helmet over your beanie, combining safety and warmth. And what about your throat? You keep it protected from cold with a warm, knitted scarf! 

> Our suggestions: the DASSY® Odin beanie and DASSY® Aura scarf

Looking for another product ? Do you prefer another fabric, a body warmer, a work brace overall,…? Discover all DASSY workwear here. Does your job require special safety workwear (e.g. high visibility workwear)? Definitively check out our DASSY SAFETY collection!