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What workwear to wear in hot weather?

work shorts

Working in hot summer weather is challenging, especially when the mercury rises above 30°C. It’s uncomfortable and even harmful to your health if you don't wear appropriate workwear. That’s why choosing the right clothing to protect you from tropical temperatures is essential. In this article, we’ll give you tips on which workwear is best for hot weather.

Work shorts: a must-have

Shorts are essential for working in warmer temperatures. DASSY® has an extensive range of work shorts to make increasingly hot summers more comfortable.

Stretch work shorts

Nothing is more annoying in summer than stiff, hot workwear that sticks to the skin. After all, suitable workwear should make your job more comfortable. That's why DASSY's range includes work shorts with stretch for both men and women. Thanks to a blend of synthetic fabrics and cotton, these shorts are breathable and light yet sturdy. Moreover, they are available in bright colours to brighten up your day!

Do you need a lot of gear and is that why you sometimes wear long work trousers in hot weather? DASSY to the rescue! Our DASSY® Trix work shorts are your ideal partner. Get the most out of your workday with the holster pockets that provide a storage spot for all your gear.

work shorts

HiVis shorts

Do you work along roads in the summer at dusk or at night? Work safely in tropical temperatures thanks to our high-visibility DASSY® Idaho shorts. Wonderfully light thanks to a blend of polyester and cotton, and available in three colours. Now also available in fluorescent red! DASSY® Idaho is class 2 compliant. Is class 1 sufficient for your job? Then DASSY® Venna and DASSY® Lucca are the right choice for you. Available in different colour combinations.

Hot weather workwear

UV T-shirts and UV polo shirts: say ‘no’ to sweat and ‘yes’ to extra protection

A short-sleeved T-shirt or polo shirt is the obvious choice when working in high temperatures. But which T-shirt or polo shirt should you wear? Do not opt for wide-fitting clothes; choose airy garments. That’s not the same thing. Airy clothing is made of breathable fabrics such as polyester. Examples include DASSY® Nexus and DASSY® Traxion, which are 100% polyester. These two items definitely shouldn't be missing from your summer wardrobe. Nexus has underarm mesh inserts, and Traxion also has mesh inserts under the collar. These inserts provide good ventilation and keep you comfortable. What’s more, these tops protect you from UV rays!

special workwear

UV HiVis = double protection

People who have to wear high-visibility clothing deserve maximum protection too! Luckily, DASSY also has a HiVis T-shirt and polo shirt with UV protection. Ideal for braving hot days in complete safety. Discover DASSY® Carter and DASSY® Brandon and say goodbye to hot workwear.

work shoes for summer

Work shoes for summer: a breath of fresh air

Safety shoes: you also need them in summer. It can sometimes be difficult when your feet are tied up in heavy shoes for an entire day in high temperatures. That's why you should choose breathable shoes. But what properties should you consider when looking for breathable safety shoes?

Take into account the material, weight, and model of the shoes. Safety shoes made of fabric are much lighter and also breathable. One example is DASSY® Nox, an S3 safety shoe that will gladly accompany you on a hot summer day.

A customised model can also ensure fresher feet. DASSY® Achilles is a safety sandal that gives your feet the ventilation they need without compromising on protection.

layer clothing system

Alternating between hot and cold environments? Wear layers!

You know the struggle. You work both inside and outside in summer. It’s nice and warm outside while the air conditioning runs at full speed indoors. Or maybe your job involves working in a walk-in cooler. Choosing the right clothes for these conditions can be quite a challenge. What to do?

When working in varying temperatures, it's best to wear several layers. Alternating between perspiration and cooling puts you at risk of falling ill. And you must avoid that at all costs if you want to finish all your projects before the construction holidays. So read all about the three-layer system in our interesting blog!

Cotton or synthetic? Which fabric should you choose?

Choosing the right fabric is very important when putting together your summer wardrobe. Choose breathable fabrics that wick away moisture and dry quickly. This will keep your skin cool and dry, allowing you to work comfortably.

Breathable or quick-drying fabrics

Cotton is made of natural fibres, making it a breathable fabric that absorbs moisture. Cotton is also easy to care for, so it has nothing but advantages. Want to find out what tops DASSY® has to offer in 100% cotton? Take a quick look at the website.

Synthetic fabrics are best avoided unless it's DASSY® Nexus and Traxion, which we introduced above. They have antibacterial properties to avoid unpleasant odours. :)

Extra tips for working in hot weather

There are also some basic rules to follow when working in the sun.

  • Protect your head: wear our Triton cap and sunglasses.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Apply sunscreen with a high protection factor. Apply a new layer regularly.
  • Take extra breaks.
  • Start work earlier when it’s cooler.
  • Enjoy a refreshing ice cream every now and then. 

Hopefully, you now know which work clothes to wear in hot weather.
Discover our full range of workwear on our website and choose the highest quality.