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DASSY professional workwear


Workwear that does the job for you - It’s more than just a slogan. It's a mission. To offer workwear that meets the highest requirements in terms of quality, durability and functionality. And to help professionals to make the most out of their job.


In the first place DASSY professional workwear is synonymous to quality. From fabric to finish, we resolutely opt for high quality materials that pass the most stringent tests.

To guarantee a maximum level of quality, DASSY is in full control of the production process: from design, over production to logistics. This not only benefits the quality of our workwear, but also allows for a great flexibility to quickly respond to the specific needs of the professional market.


Obviously, workwear has to be functional. That is why our work clothing is expertly designed and tested on the basis of the specific work situation of the user down to the smallest detail. Like no other we know which work pockets a professional needs and which practical features offer a real added value. Like the typical DASSY large hem that allows you to easily extend your work trousers by 5 cm. Furthermore, the importance of a good fit cannot be underestimated either. Well-fitted workwear is not only more comfortable and more practical, but also safer.


Focusing on quality also benefits the durability of workwear. In other words: your workwear last longer. We rely on established values for this, such as the Cordura® brand, the extremely durable fabric used to reinforce work clothes in strategic areas, and the robust zippers from YKK.


And that it looks good? That is an added-value of our workwear! DASSY combines timeless design with innovative elements and builds up all collections so that you can quickly and easily find the right clothing combination, completely in line with your company colours.