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DASSY professional workwear

Brand-new DASSY workwear for City of Bruges employees


Starting this year, around 650 employees of the City of Bruges will be rolling up their sleeves in brand-new outfits by DASSY professional workwear. CleanLease will be taking care of the personalisation and laundry aspects of the outfits. The new workwear will make City of Bruges employees even more recognisable to citizens and will help reinforce the city's positive image.

As the partnership gets underway, we managed to catch Councillor for Personnel and Organisation Pieter Marechal and Managing Director Colin Beheydt for an interview.

Local companies CleanLease and DASSY the obvious choice

The choice for CleanLease and DASSY was quickly and efficiently confirmed via a framework agreement by CREAT. Thanks to the crucial role played by this procurement portal, the City of Bruges was able to accept the offer in no time at all, without having to go through a time-consuming and complicated tendering procedure.

“It was important to us to find a partner with a good reputation in the sector, and the fact that we’re able to partner up with companies from our own region only adds value. We’re extremely pleased that all the things that matter to us have come together in this partnership”, Councillor Marechal says. Colin Beheydt, City of Bruges’ Managing Director, confirms the sentiment: “We’re extremely satisfied that we’ve found local partners. It really lends that extra touch to the whole story.”

Aside from the local roots of both partners, the major importance that textile cleaning specialist CleanLease and DASSY attach to sustainability was another asset for the city.

Recognisable and contemporary workwear reinforces the city’s image

Out of DASSY’s vast range of professional workwear, the Bruges city council opted for a contemporary, casual look to match its ambitions. That way, City of Bruges employees will be even more recognisable to citizens, and they will help reinforce the city's positive image. “Quality, respect and customer-friendliness are key, and this new workwear reflects those values”, Managing Director Colin Beheydt emphasises.

Out of the City of Bruges’ 650-strong workforce, manual workers and cleaners will be the main ones fully fitted out in DASSY. Technicians from the Sports and Culture team will also be donning the new outfits from now on, which only adds to consistency and recognisability.

“We are convinced that both residents of Bruges and visitors will get the right idea through our employees of what we stand for as an organisation. We aim to be innovative and modern, and the new workwear helps reflect that. Our City of Bruges employees themselves also can’t wait to put on their new, trendy work outfits. That positive vibe can only be a good thing for the city”, Councillor Pieter Marechal adds.

DASSY professional workwear & CleanLease: visibly better!

The advantages of the DASSY-CleanLease partnership under the spotlight:

Joint product development
DASSY and CleanLease regularly put their heads together to develop workwear that perfectly meets the needs of city and municipal authorities.

Certified visibility
While DASSY takes care of the development and production of high-quality workwear that meets all standards, CleanLease makes sure that the fluorescent and reflective properties of each item of clothing remain compliant at all times.

Extensive range
DASSY and CleanLease will pick the exact workwear items to suit your needs from DASSY’s extensive range.

The right colour
Our DASSY range enables you to pick a uniform outfit for your company. High-quality maintenance by CleanLease guarantees that colours are maintained as best as possible. That way, you’re always safely visible.

The right size

Workwear in the right size is not just more comfortable, but safer too! Using individual measurements, CleanLease helps every employee find the right size for them.

Combined expertise
CleanLease and DASSY will guide you through the entire process: from careful selection of work outfits to measurements and maintenance.

The outfits all lined up

If you simply cannot wait another moment to see the new work outfits, we’ve lined them up for you here. The City of Bruges went for a combination of red, black, grey and white.

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