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DASSY professional workwear

Meet the DASSY purchasing team


In this blog, we regularly take a look behind the scenes at DASSY professional workwear. We want to present our different teams to you and explain how they help to create professional workwear that perfectly meets the needs of the modern professional. The purchasing department is responsible for 2 crucial elements in the life cycle of DASSY workwear: purchasing all fabric and ensuring an optimal warehouse stock in order to deliver DASSY orders quickly and efficiently.


From the very beginning, the tandem Frank-Stefka has been in charge of all fabrics in the DASSY range. A responsibility that cannot be underestimated. Especially if you know that the DASSY production facility in Sri Lanka has about 2 million meters of fabric in stock. “This allows us to be fast and flexible in meeting market demands”, the team states.

For every new fabric that needs to be purchased, the DASSY R&D team stipulates the specifications and then the purchasing team gets to work. The fabric quality is assessed both by external, independent test centres and by our own fabric experts in our in-house test lab in Sri Lanka. Specific quality checks are also carried out in our main offices in Bruges.

The fabric does not only need to be of high quality, its colour is crucial as well. “For every fabric that is being considered, we meticulously analyse a sample per colour. Only when the fabric perfectly meets our needs and the colours comply with our demands, the order is officially approved”, explains the team.

“The hardest colours to judge are brown and grey”, Stefka adds. “And trust me: there are more than 50 shades.” 


At the other end of the production chain, the purchasing team is responsible for stock management as well. “By keeping a permanent stock in our semiautomatic warehouse in Bruges, we can offer our customers a fast and efficient delivery. In a few years' time we have increased our service level to 97% ”, the team proudly affirms.

“With about 650,000 pieces in stock, it’s safe to say that our stock is quite extensive. However, to ensure a quick and efficient delivery, it is first and foremost important to have the right items in stock. And thus, it’s up to us to forecast demand as accurately as possible”, explains Magali. “To do that, we use forecasting tools and cooperate closely with other teams (e.g. for large projects, new collections, planned promotions). To schedule production as efficiently as possible, we are also in daily contact with the production facility. ”

The DASSY range is very dynamic and it is continually being updated in order to maximally meet the needs of professionals. To ensure sufficient storage space, DASSY started building a brand-new warehouse begin 2020. This new storage space will have an area of 5,000 m², of which 2,000 m² will be fully automated. Efficient stock management will therefore become even more important. Which means a nice extra challenge for the purchasing team! Read more about the construction of the new warehouse here.