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DASSY professional workwear

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D-FX [abbr. DASSY-Effects] [DASSY collection]: the effect or influence that certain workwear has on someone or something.

  • DASSY-EFFECTS - The DASSY D-FX collection leaves no one unmoved. Thanks to dynamic fits and energetic designs, this workwear distinguishes itself from the rest.
  • SPECIAL-EFFECTS - Whether it’s bracing for a forceful wind, smashing through a brick wall or landing on the hard ground, with the right workwear, you can create any special effect.
  • PRACTICAL-EFFECTS - Experience the practical effects of a powerful technical design: water-repellent finish, Cordura® reinforcements and mechanical stretch fabric make a strong impression.
  • VISUAL-EFFECTS - The innovative designs in six exciting colours and added reflective details produce the desired visual effects. Combine your work trousers with matching topwear to assemble an impressive work outfit!


DASSY DNA stands for durable workwear that also looks incredibly good, hence “extremely irresistible workwear”. This complete, innovative collection was specially designed for self-assured professionals who value durable workwear that also allows them to make a good impression. Choose from great-looking trousers, fashionable shorts, attractive jackets and brace overalls, available in five stylish colours, suitable for professionals in a variety of occupations and industries. You can count on superior durability thanks to the extremely hard-wearing and highly comfortable canvas fabric and additional Cordura® reinforcements on high-wear areas such as elbows and knees as well as on the multiple pockets. In short, DASSY DNA equals workwear that’s both tough and easy on the eyes, adaptable to the specific needs of the professional. Hence Durable, Noticeable and Adaptable.

DASSY Classic

The DASSY CLASSIC collection offers you a comprehensive and high-quality range of professional workwear. Every professional values a good work outfit. Workwear needs to fit, but most importantly needs to be strong and durable as well. DASSY workwear goes one step further and also makes work easier for you… so “Workwear that does the job for you” is more than just a slogan. We strive to make the performance of hard-working professionals safer and more practical. The CLASSIC collection is designed in such a manner that you can quickly and easily choose the correct combination of clothes completely in line with your specific work situation. Apart from the use of durable and hard-wearing materials, particular attention is therefore also paid to functionality and comfort. This makes that the CLASSIC line has everything to meet any professional needs.

DASSY Safety

To meet the growing demand for a specific form of protection when it comes to workwear, DASSY offers a SAFETY line, as a comprehensive range of products in our entire professional workwear collection. Given that specific trades often entail certain risks that require a specially adapted form of protection, each of the following collections in the DASSY SAFETY range of products offers an advanced protection for different work situations:

To guarantee this high-quality protection, all garments from these collections meet the European standards. In addition, every garment is provided with specific user information with even more details on the standards met by the protective clothing, maintenance instructions and correct use of the clothing.

DASSY Safety Shoes

Professionals know the importance of good footwear all too well. After all, your feet have to endure much on a daily basis. Being on your feet for many hours, staying in uncomfortable positions and working on rough surfaces, make a sturdy and flexible pair of working shoes indispensable. That’s why DASSY safety shoes are not only light, supple and comfortable to wear, but also provide your feet with the required protection so as to be able to work safely on any type of floor.

Opt for an S1P or S3 version and rely on superior protection at every step.

  • Anti-perforation sole, composite or steel toecap and shock absorbing heels.
  • Breathable upper leather prevents moisture accumulation or heating of your feet.
  • Water-repellent upper leather S3 keeps your feet dry at all times.
  • A flexible sole supports your foot in any position and with any movement.

DASSY Accessories

Day after day you dot the i’s and cross the t’s in the performance of your job. Why would this be any different for the choice of your workwear? DASSY offers a wide range of professional accessories so as to complement your work outfit. Our aim is to make your everyday performance easier, more functional and more comfortable.

  • Wear the pre-formed and flexible CE-certified DASSY® CRATOS knee pads to make it easier to do prolonged work on your knees.
  • Complement your outfit with versatile tool pouches and keep all your tools within reach.
  • Avoid sore feet as a result of poorly fitting socks. Wear the DASSY work socks for an optimal fit, breathable properties and high insulation value.
  • Wear a hat and scarf in the cold and protect your head against the burning sun with the DASSY® TRITON cap.