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The DASSY test team is a group of professionals that tests the DASSY workwear on the job, exactly where it matters most. Result: workwear tested by a pro! In this blog, we present you Stijn : Official DASSY test team member, installer/inspector at Proximus, car freak and passionate cyclist. His favourite DASSY workwear? The DASSY®Minsk winter jacket 

When we meet Stijn for this interview, he is moving a cable distribution cabinet. Because of the construction of a new building, the ‘old’ cabinet had to be moved about 3 meters. And that is way more complicated than it sounds: not only do all connections have to be tested (imagine trying to call the doctor, but ending up at the butcher ...), but every single cable has to be transferred and reconnected to the distribution network too.

From cable man to inspector

For more than a decade, Stijn worked as a line installer at the telecommunications company Proximus. The knowledge and skills he gained during that period, gave him the opportunity to grow his career and eventually become an inspector. In his current position he visits and controls the various construction sites. "However, I still like to lend a hand," says Stijn. "So if everything goes smoothly, you will find me more often than not ‘in’ rather than ‘next to’ the construction pit," he laughs.

The best thing about his job? The variety. “No two days are alike and you meet a lot of new people. Moreover, I have the opportunity to see different construction sites and visit interesting places. For example, I always think it’s impressive to work at one of the main distribution centres. In a large one, there are roughly 12,000 threads. Not something to be taken lightly when solving a problem or carrying out a repair. But that makes the challenge all the more interesting!"

Highly visible, yet light and comfortable!

On construction sites, and definitely when working along busy roads, it is crucial for Stijn to be highly visible. “The light high visibility workwear of DASSY makes my job so much more comfortable. I'm a huge fan of the DASSY®Carter high visibility UV T-shirt with segmented, reflective tape. It stretches better and the fabric is also very pleasant. The summer high visibility work trousers DASSY®Odessa with ventilating mesh inserts are nice and airy, which is a huge asset, especially on hot days. For a lot of tasks you have to wear long trousers and it would be crazy to switch between shorts and long trousers all the time. 1 airy long pants offers the best solution! ”

Dedicated tester

Stijn tests DASSY workwear not only at work, but also off-the-job. Both in his part-time self-employed activities and when helping friends. “Tomorrow I am assisting a buddy with concrete paving. It’s safe to say that I test DASSY workwear in every possible situation. The DASSY® Minsk winter jacket, one of my favourites, simply can’t be wrecked. No matter how hard I try ”, Stijn concludes laughingly.