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DASSY professional workwear


Hidden button
A hidden button eliminates the risk of scratches or electrical conductivity on the job.

Three-needle stitching
Three-needle stitching on this item guarantees a long-lasting product.

A breathable fabric allows moisture vapour to be transmitted through the material. This way, you remain dry while working.

Multifunctional belt loops
Attach extra tool pouches on the front or side of your work trousers or overall, thanks to the multifunctional belt loops. Compatible with the DASSY DNA GORDON canvas tool pouches.

Large hem
Easily lengthen your work trousers by five centimeters, thanks to the hem’s double finish.

This fabric is windproof, preventing wind from passing through and preserving your body temperature.

Pockets reinforced with CORDURA®
Store away your tools safely in these tough, hardwearing pockets.

Rib-knit storm cuffs
Close-fitting storm cuffs in the sleeves offer extra protection against wind.

Waterproof garment
This garment is completely waterproof, both the fabric and the seams do not allow water to penetrate, leaving you optimally protected in case of rain.

Waterproof fabric
This fabric is waterproof, preventing water from seeping through for a long time.

Adjustable CORDURA® knee pockets
These Cordura knee pockets are certified in combination with the DASSY CRATOS knee pads and offer you a complete knee protection. (EN 14404:2004+A1:2010).

Printer zipper
A printer zipper allows you to easily print or embroider your company name or logo on the back.

Adjustable back elastic
Your trousers fit perfectly around your waist, thanks to the adjustable back elastic.

System zip
An outer and inner jacket, each provided with a system zip, can be combined to form a 2-in-1 jacket. The outer jacket has two zips: a normal front zip and the system zip, used to zip in an inner jacket. Inner jackets only have one zip: the system zip, both for individual and combined use. This way, you can easily zip the BILBAO high visibility body warmer into the ATLANTIS high visibility parka.

Stretch fabric
The use of stretch fabric makes for flexible and highly comfortable workwear.