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DASSY professional workwear
Dassy Professional Workwear Safety Workwear

Dassy professional safety workwear

DASSYSafety workwear

To meet the growing demand for a specific form of protection when it comes to safety workwear, DASSY offers a SAFETY line, as a comprehensive range of products in our entire professional workwear collection.

Given that specific trades often entail certain risks that require a specially adapted form of safety workwear, each of the following collections in the DASSY SAFETY workwear offers an advanced protection for different work situations:

To guarantee high-quality safety workwear, all garments from these collections meet the European standards described in ‘standards and certifications’ .In addition, every garment is provided with specific user information with more details on the standards met by the protective clothing, maintenance instructions and correct use of the clothing.

Dassy high visibility workwear

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High-visibility safety workwear is intended to clearly distinguish its wearer from the environment, both during the day, at twilight and at night. As a large part of all industrial accidents are the result of poor visibility, the importance of good high-visibility clothing should not be underestimated. It is therefore required for anyone working on public roads.

The DASSY high-visibility safety workwear offers outstanding protection for professional use. Our collection meets the most stringent requirements in terms of design, functionality and comfort and all models were certified to the EN471 High Visibility standard.

Dassy multinorm workwear: essential protection in various work situations

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The name speaks for itself: the DASSY multinorm collection stands for multipurpose, multifunctional protection. This makes this safety workwear suitable for many different types of work, protects you against a number of common risks and considerably reduces the chance of possible injury.

Due to the challenges of your specific work situation, you are often confronted with the risks attached to such activities. So as to be prepared for anything, the multinorm safety workwear meets the five most required European standards for fire-retardant protection, welding, antistatic properties, electric arc and chemicals.

* Please consult your garment’s label and user information for the specific standards which the protective clothing meets.

Dassy flame retardant workwear: firm reliance

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Flame-retardant clothing can make the difference in case of welding and any allied processes in which you are exposed to spatter, flame spread or any form of heat. It reduces the risk of serious injuries considerably because, contrary to ordinary clothing, this type of clothing reduces flame spread.

In such risky environments incorrect clothing can cause a lot more damage as untreated fabric can melt down to the skin, which may cause serious burns. Uncovered metal accessories such as buttons and zippers also constitute a danger: they can transmit heat very well and worsen the situation.

For this reason we advise you to always wear DASSY flame-retardant clothing in such situations. All safety workwear in this specific collection are certified to the European ISO standards for welding and heat-resistant clothing and are certified in the highest class. This class 2 offers protection against more dangerous welding techniques and situations because of higher levels of spatter and radiant heat.

* Please consult your garment’s label and user information for the specific standards which the safety workwear meets.