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DASSY professional workwear

Our environmental initiatives

Beside meeting all applicable environmental laws and regulations, our commitment to the environment extends to continuous initiatives intended to reduce our environmental footprint.

solar park

Solar Park

DASSY has invested in green energy by installing a solar park on the rooftop of their headquarters in Bruges.
The park has a total surface of 1.704 m² and consists of 852 SunPower solar panels. These have a capacity of 313 kilowatt peak (kWp), making DASSY almost energy-independent, both for the logistic operations as for the heating and lighting of our buildings. 



At the basis of sustainable product development, lies the choice for innocuous raw materials. Beside selecting business partners who follow our code of conduct and are consistent with our company’s values, DASSY is dedicated to guarantee that no harmful substances are used in the manufacturing of our clothing. A yearly renewed testing according to Oeko-tex® standards 100 endorses this commitment.



At DASSY, it has long been clear that buildings with abundant daylight help keep us physically and emotionally healthy. It also minimizes the need for artificial lighting during the day, therefore cutting lighting energy consumption. Moreover, as part of our general energy-saving measures, the bulbs of our warehouse lights are low-energy and have motion sense technology, reducing unnecessary lighting where possible and all electrical circuits in the DASSY buildings are turned off automatically when the alarm is set, to avoid energy loss during the night.



DASSY believes waste reduction opportunities exist everywhere. Given that recycling is one way to reduce waste, we encourage our employees to recycle their waste and in our own warehouse, packing materials are carefully sorted and processed. A private press machine even presses cardboard into bails for more efficient recycling. In general, waste prevention and reduction efforts are made throughout the entire company.

Footprint reducing


Beside broader initiatives to reduce energy and paper use or regarding the selection of raw materials, we equally take small steps in our daily work to further reduce our environmental impact. For example, we seek to limit air travel whenever possible and increase the use of e-mail, video and web conferencing. Moreover, As part of our green company car policy, our leased cars are classified as green (EU: 130g CO2/km) and the older, less environmentally friendly cars of the company car fleet will continuously be replaced by newer more efficient models when entering into new leasing contracts.