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DASSY professional workwear

DASSY optimises logistic process with fully automated warehouse


DASSY is in full control of the entire production process, from design to logistics. Even though we closely want to monitor every step in the development process, we will launch some automation for the sake of efficiency. Our semi-automatic warehouse is up and running since a couple of years and to further improve the delivery rate, we are expanding our warehouse with fully automatic technology to take over some logistic processes. 

Growth and innovation

Our ambitions to keep on growing started in 2012 with a brand-new head office offering 7000 m² of storage space, which is used to manage the stocks. This was a logical step in our evolution, to optimize the logistic processes and to guarantee an excellent service in the future.

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine a workplace without the name DASSY professional workwear. Thanks to our extensive dealer network, we continually grow our market share in over 20 countries. Correspondingly, we want to maintain our high-quality level and great flexibility to swiftly respond to the specific needs of the professional market. To ensure that the associated logistic processes run as efficiently as possible, we started building a brand-new warehouse last year. This new storage space will also have an area of 5000 m², of which 2000 m² will be fully automated

Efficient organisation of warehouse logistics

In our new depository, a box shuttle system will ensure that warehouse logistics run more accurately. A box shuttle system is an electrically powered storage system in a customized rack. A shuttle will automatically move products to the right place in the rack according to the principle ‘Goods to Person’ picking, which allows us to pick more efficiently, safer and at a higher speed.

Moreover, our fully automated warehouse will increase our productivity and enable us to respond to the growing demand of DASSY workwear. Thanks to the efficiency of the automation we will be able to maintain our high service levels and achieve our goal of offering professional workwear that meets all the expectations of the modern professional.

For the logistic concept we once again joined forces with our partner Logflow. For the construction of our new warehouse, we joined forces with TGW Logistics Group. TGW Logistics Group is a leader in highly automatic solutions. We expect that the expansion of the new warehouse will be operational as of July 2021

Facts & figures of our storage capacities

  • New storage area: 5000 m²,
    of which 2000 m² fully automated
  • Height: 18 metres
  • Extra Box locations: 54.000
    (in total: 78.500 box locations)
  • Extra Pallet locations: 8300
    (in total: 17.200 pallet locations)
  • Total warehouse area: 12.000 m²

Update november 2020

In the past few months, major steps were taken towards our new fully automated warehouse. Below, you find some updated pictures of the construction process.

Finally, it is undeniable that the corona crisis and the lockdown were challenging for every company. Despite all of this, our market share is still growing and we feel, also thanks to our new warehouse, very positive and hopeful about the future.