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DASSY® workwear

DASSY® - The next chapter


From our deep-rooted roots...

From the very beginning, we have felt a “passion for the profession” at DASSY®. Not just our own, but also that of our customers.

We understand better than anyone what craftsmen and craftswomen really need. That is why we have been developing comfortable, practical and attractive workwear for 16 years. Our dedication to the job translates into every step of the production process. From design to production and from launch to sale. Innovation is in our DNA, sustainable business is a must for us. In short, we are committed every day to developing workwear in which professionals can give their all.

The common thread throughout our story? We strive for the highest quality. We ensure that every garment lives up to the highest standards. Because those who feel a love for the job are only satisfied when it fits really well.

And whether it fits well is assessed by our DASSY® Test Team. A group of professionals who carefully test our workwear at the specific workplace. Whether you need timeless classics, work trousers in 4-way stretch or standardised safety clothing ... DASSY® meets the needs of every professional. We make workwear that fits the job and on which you can rely.

With our workwear, we strive for comfort in the workplace and safety where necessary. And of course we do not do this alone. We work together with loyal partners who diligently help build our story. Our dealers provide customers with the best service. And all expert employees in our own production centre in Sri Lanka give the best of themselves every day.

The passion and dedication that connects our employees, partners and customers is the basis of who we are. We have a new look, but we remain our authentic selves. With us, what you see is what you get and we're proud of that. a new beginning

We have created a new look to make sure our visual style matches even better with who we are. We’ve refreshed our logo, chosen a new colour that really catches the eye and also added a new twist to our photos.

Of course, this called for new photos as well. From now on, you’ll be able to link DASSY® to real faces. Real people. Each person exudes passion for the profession.

At DASSY®, you don't just find workwear. You'll find 100% passion. And we use that passion to fuel your passion for the job.