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DASSY® workwear

DASSY ViVid®, our new collection full of firsts


We would like to introduce to you, DASSY ViVid®, a complete head-to-toe collection with 11 new products. Versatile and multipurpose. And with a carefully thought-out mix of base layers, midlayers and outer layers to wear both during and after work hours. Adapted to different working and weather conditions.

With DASSY ViVid®, we are targeting the self-confident consumer with an eye for style. Thanks to the surprising colour palette, your customer can select and combine our clothing as they like! Ideal for expressing their unique identity.

In this blog post, meet DASSY ViVid®, a story of firsts.

No. 1 Innovative materials and textures

We are introducing a new weave in our DASSY® clothing: the so-called ripstop. This weave is strong, tear-resistant and durable. This will make our garments last longer.

Each garment also contains a certain proportion of recycled content. This has been translated into the choice of fabric and/or the choice of our zippers. For example, in this collection, wherever possible, we replace polyester with recycled polyester and cotton with BCI cotton from the Better Cotton Initiative.

Some of the fabrics in the DASSY ViVid® collection are even PFC-free. If a fabric containing PFCs is used in the production line next to the line with DASSY ViVid® products, there may be some cross-contamination. This is unfortunate but not intentional. That is why we say ‘PFC-free with no intentional use’.

No. 2 New fit

We have built our patterns from scratch. For example, we introduce the engineered fit, for even greater freedom of movement in any job.

For our trousers, this means:

  • Inclusion of a contoured waistband to make the trousers squat-proof and make them stay securely in place.
  • Pre-shaped knees and legs so that the garment follows the shape of each person’s body and moves smoothly with them.
  • Super Flex, a 2-way stretch fabric that guarantees the best mobility.

For our topwear, this means:

  • Clearly defined sleeves and shoulders suitable for dynamic movements.
  • Displaced seams to the side and/or back to make sure there is no friction. 

No. 3 Conscious design

We use the right materials in the right places, better known as the form follows function principle. The simple look & feel has been well thought out. With us, functionality, mobility and the necessary comfort always come first.

This is certainly reflected in our range of topwear. Thanks to our extensive range of layers, you can put on layer after layer to protect yourself against a variety of working and weather conditions. Thanks to our designs, the right materials end up in the right places on your body.

Perhaps it’s something that’s already caught your eye: the V-shape as a recurring feature throughout our designs. A subtle element derived from the name of our collection. Look carefully and you’ll spot a ‘V’ on the trouser pockets, stitching, padding, etc. In addition, the reflective components, as a practical styling detail, are also a common thread running through the collection.

No. 4 Outdoorsy look

With this collection, we encourage the wearer to wear DASSY ViVid® in their leisure time as well. Before or after working hours. Over drinks with friends or on a weekend adventure. What’s our goal? Your customer should feel good in our workwear, whatever the time of the day.

No. 5 Surprising colours

Do you have workwear from our D-FX Flex collection in your range? In that case, you’ll undoubtedly recognise our colours. You will also find the colours black, midnight blue and anthracite grey returning in the DASSY ViVid® collection. Perfect for combining with our existing articles.

In addition, we present you with a new colour palette comprising four vibrant pop colours. Elm green, brick red, sunflower yellow and mirage grey. For real daredevils. Inspired by nature in the different seasons. And the materials and tools used by professionals in their sector.

Perfectly suitable for mixing & matching!

No. 6 Towards a more sustainable future

Our consciousness is growing, that’s a fact. DASSY ViVid® is our first environmentally-conscious collection. It is not only that we are thinking in terms of sustainability in our choice of materials. The way we package our workwear has also received a greener upgrade. For example, you will now find our DASSY ViVid® products packed in a 100% recycled plastic shipping bag. In addition, our hang tags are printed on FSC-certified paper.

We’d like to inform you that we are working hard on our CSR policy and that we have further plans to reduce our impact on both the planet and people. This is only a start.

Did you know...

That there’s a whole philosophy underlying the naming of this collection?

DASSY ViVid® stands for:

  • Literally, the word ‘vivid’ means ‘vibrant and full of life’. So we decided to let the colours and textures in this collection completely embody this.
  • We encourage the wearer to express their unique identity. Wear a DASSY® work outfit with pride. Before and after working hours. That’s why we’ve included ‘id’ in the name.
  • You’ll notice V-lines in every garment. The ‘V’ in DASSY ViVid® is a little nod to this innovative detail.

A vibrant collection needs vibrant product names. That’s why each garment is named after a national park teeming with life. Where life prevails. A collection that brings to mind various natural phenomena, the presence of diverse animal species, the impact of the seasons on the landscape, etc.

Discover all our DASSY ViVid® products!

Meet Bryce, Jasper & Zion

Bryce, our work trousers from the DASSY ViVid® collection offers numerous benefits!

  • Engineered fit for ultimate freedom of movement.
  • Multi-purpose tool pockets for all tools. The zip-up front and back pockets are ideal for storing personal items.
  • In Super Flex because the 2-way ripstop stretch fabric, thanks to its clever placement in the pattern, offers the highest possible mobility.

Our work trousers with 4-way Cordura® stretch knee pockets Jasper and shorts Zion share the same strengths.

Make sure to advise the wearer to combine the Jasper work trousers with our certified Fides knee pads. For the best knee protection.

Knitwear toppers Fuji, Madidi, Serengeti and Dolomiti

Fuji, our T-shirt with displaced seams for extra comfort. With a subtle geometric design in the fabric.

The Madidi polo shirt offers the same benefits but has a zipper and chest pocket with a concealed zipper. It also has the brrr° Triple Chill Effect technology. This guarantees a cooling effect, wicks away moisture and ensures quick drying.

Serengeti is our very first Henley shirt with round neck and button closure. Ideal for wearing under a jacket or over a T-shirt. With a special look, thanks to the blended effect. The Dolomiti sweater is soft on the inside, features a knitted cuff and waistband and has a practical zippered anti-theft pocket.

Discover our Sintra, Yala, Tama and Virunga jackets

Our midlayer jacket is indispensable for your range. Sintra keeps the wearer wonderfully warm and cosy. The softshell fabric reinforces wear-sensitive areas. And the primary waffle fabric provides a special contrast effect. Unique! This product has a 2-way zipper, which makes it more comfortable for professionals to bend or sit down and which offers easy access to the holster and other pockets on or attached to the trousers.

The insulating body warmer Yala and insulating jacket Tama form a beautiful duo. Both include a quilted lining with DuPont™ Sorona® fibres which retains the warmth nice and long. Made of 100% recycled materials.

Finally, our lightweight raincoat Virunga protects all professionals from a downpour. This coat is breathable, windproof, waterproof and stretchy. A must-have that the wearer can always easily slip on over their work outfit! And what’s more, it’s certified according to the rain protection standard EN 343 Class 4.4.

Go for DASSY ViVid® in your range! Order online easily, call your Account Manager or contact customer service via +32 50 799 320. We’ll be happy to help you further.