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DASSY® workwear

New in the D-FX FLEX collection: DASSY® Tronix, brace overall with stretch and knee pocke


The DASSY D-FX FLEX collection offers professional workwear with stretch. The latest newcomer, the DASSY® Tronix, is a trendy Bib & Brace overall with plenty of stretch and flexible, yet highly durable knee pockets. 

Experience the comfort. Discover the stretch!

First and foremost a good pair of brace overalls should be hard-wearing and therefore made of durable fabric. That is why a high-quality fabric of high-end polyester/cotton was carefully selected for the DASSY® Tronix. Furthermore, the weave of the fabric ensures a 2-way ‘mechanical stretch’ allowing the fabric to follow your every move.
For a flawless freedom of movement, the DASSY® Tronix also has 4-way stretch Cordura® inserts. These inserts stretch both crosswise and lengthwise and are reinforced with the extremely resistant Cordura® fibre. You’ll find the stretch inserts exactly where you need them:

  1. At the back of your brace overall
  2. At the crotch
  3. At the back of the knees

Finally, a stretch insert at the back and stretch panels on the side were also integrated in the design.

Knee pockets : sturdy & stretch

No need to choose between sturdiness OR stretch, thanks to the DASSY® Tronix. On the contrary! The certified knee pockets are reinforced with Cordura®Stretch (92% polyamide, 8% elastane, ± 350g/m²). This fabric successfully combines the advantages of stretch with the superior wear-resistance of Cordura®. Likewise, all the practical pockets of this work brace overall were also reinforced with the extremely hard-wearing Cordura® fabric.

Dynamic design & colours

Practical, robust and flexible? Check! Modern design? Double-check! And even though the DASSY® Tronix has a nice and tailored fit, thanks to the stretch you never feel as if your brace overall is hampering you. No matter what moves you make.
The DASSY® Tronix is available in the same 6 dynamic colours that can also be found in the D-FX collection. Making it easy as pie to mix and match your favourite items from the D-FX collection to create one stylish outfit. And just like most work trousers in the D-FX FLEX range, this brace overall is also available in a special painter’s edition, with an adapted leg pocket that is specifically designed for painting and plastering tools: the DASSY® Tronix Painters.

Buy the DASSY® Tronix bib-and-brace overall or painter brace overall?

Head to the DASSY store locator to find a DASSY shop nearby or order your DASSY® Tronix dungarees or painters bib overall DASSY® Tronix Painters in one of the webshops of these DASSY dealers! Do you prefer a different model? Check out all DASSY work brace overalls via this link.

Extra: How to … correctly insert your knee pads

In order to fully protect your knees, and because well-placed knee pads are definitely more comfortable, it is crucial that your knee pads are at the right height. That is why the knee pockets of the DASSY® Tronix can easily be adjusted in height, thanks to the new ‘envelope system’.

Insert your DASSY® Cratos knee pads into the knee pocket from below
The knee pocket is constructed like an ‘envelope’ with Velcro: Do you wear your trousers at a 'standard' length? Keep the Velcro closed. If you are taller and/or you have extended your trouser-legs with the large hem [LINK], open the Velcro and slide the knee pads deeper down.

Tip: Are your knee pads still not at the right position? The DASSY® Tronix is available in 3 different inside leg lengths (standard, minus & plus)