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DASSY® workwear

Three-layer system: warm, comfortable and flexible

Warm, dry and flexible, thanks to the three-layer system.

Do you regularly check the weather forecast before your day starts? And yet often end up choosing the wrong outfit to brave the harsh weather? DASSY to the rescue. We’re happy to introduce you to the three-layer system. Dress in layers and you’re sure to be comfortable at any time of the day.

The three-layer system: what is it?

A three-layer system is when you wear three different pieces of clothing on top of one another. Dressing in layers is a must when working outdoors. And also essential if you often go cycling, jogging, hiking or skiing. As the intensity of the exercise increases or if the weather gets warmer, you can simply remove a layer. This makes it easy to adapt your clothing to your needs.

Three layers, three benefits

Why dress in layers? Well, the three-layer system offers three main benefits.

1. Three layers protect you from various weather and working conditions.
2. Together, the layers help keep your body at the right temperature.
3. You can adjust your outfit throughout the day and work in complete comfort.

A good base layer keeps you warm and dry

The bottom or base layer is the first piece of clothing that comes in contact with the skin. This could be thermal underwear, a T-shirt or a polo shirt. The base layer ensures thermal regulation, is comfortable and fits the body snugly. This layer is ideal to keep out the cold, and it prevents the chill from penetrating through. Last but not the least, a base layer must be able to wick away moisture quickly so that you do not cool down.

Tips for the perfect base layer:

  • Choose a bottom layer that matches the seasons. In cold weather, a thick and warm base layer is necessary. In warmer weather, a T-shirt like Nexus or Kinetic or a polo shirt like Traxion is sufficient.
  • Go for synthetic fabrics or natural fibres such as (merino) wool. These fabrics breathe well and keep the skin dry. Moreover, synthetic materials and (merino) wool have strong moisture-regulating properties.
  • Note that thermal underwear made of (merino) wool, such as Theodor and Tristan, sits slightly looser on the body. The models with synthetic fibres, such as Pierre and Pascal, are more tight-fitting.
  • Avoid cotton T-shirts or polo shirts. This type of fabric retains moisture and dries very slowly. As a result, it feels as if your back remains wet and this creates a cold sensation.

In short: if the base layer breathes, wicks away moisture and therefore dries quickly, you’ve made the right choice!

Insulating middle layer retains heat

The middle or insulating layer keeps your body warm. This second layer offers additional insulation and ensures even better moisture wicking.

We help you make the right choice:

  • Natural fibres such as down and wool are excellent insulators.
  • Fleece is also a popular middle-layer material. This fabric is warm and light.
  • But to trap a sufficient amount of air, the middle layer should not fit too tightly around your body, otherwise the insulating effect will be lost.

Our range of midlayer garments varies from sweaters to fleece jackets. All our midlayers - Convex, Velox, Pulse and Lionel - are highly recommended.

Outer layer protects against wind, rain, snow and cold

The third or outer layer protects you from various weather elements when working outside. Whether it’s raining, snowing or windy, this layer prevents the other layers from getting wet. An outer layer is also indispensable for work in extremely cold conditions such as in cold stores and freezer rooms!

With these quick tips, choosing the right outer layer is easy:

  • Hardshell or softshell jackets are ideal as waterproof and/or breathable outer layers.
  • Opt for durable materials that can withstand wear and tear.
  • Treat the outer layer regularly with maintenance products. This will keep your garment looking great for longer.

Did you know that we also offer certified clothing? Our winter jackets Nordix, Minsk and Austin meet the standards for protection in cool environments and for protection against the rain. Quality at its very best! And proof that DASSY is your perfect partner for outer layers.

DASSY is your first stop for every layer!

Are you interested in a base layer, middle layer or outer layer? Or do you want to dress according to the three-layer system to stay completely warm? Find a dealer near you via our store locator and buy your favourite layers.