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What are S1, S2, S3, S4 and S5 safety shoes?

S1, S2, S3, S4 and S5 safety shoes

Discover all the safety classes for work shoes!

Below is an overview of all types of safety shoes.

Please note! A safety toecap is essential in a work shoe. All types of safety shoes provide protection against falling objects with an energy of up to 200 joules (+/- 20 kilograms) and compression force of up to 15,000 newtons (+/- 1500 kilograms). Therefore, S1, S2, S3, S4 and S5 safety shoes comply with the internationally established standard EN ISO 20345. Make sure to always protect your toes from external impact!

S1 safety shoes

This type of work shoe meets the minimum safety requirements. The main features of an S1 safety shoe are:

  • A safety toecap. Protects toes from impact and compression due to falling, sharp objects or pressure.
  • An antistatic outsole. This ensures that electrical charges are safely dissipated, significantly reducing the risk of electrostatic discharges.
  • Energy-absorbing heel. Reduces impact on the joints and body.

An S1 safety shoe is ideal for work in dry conditions.

S1 safety shoes

S1P safety shoes

What exactly is the difference between S1 and S1P? Well, the letter ‘P’ stands for perforation. This means that the S1P work shoes are provided with an anti-perforation system. This prevents nails or splinters from damaging the foot soles.

Other than that, the S1P safety shoe has the same properties as the S1 work shoe. We’ve summed up these features for you below:

  • Like any work shoe, an S1P safety shoe includes a sturdy toecap that offers the necessary protection for your toes.
  • The antistatic properties reduce the likelihood of electrostatic discharges.
  • The energy-absorbing heel reduces impact on the heels and body.

You can also find S1P safety shoes at DASSY. Discover our low-cut safety shoe Jupiter and safety sandal Achilles. NEW: At DASSY, you can now find S1PL safety shoe Achilles. Certified according to the updated standard EN ISO 20345:2022.

S2 safety shoes

Next up: the S2 safety shoe. This too features the protective toecap, antistatic properties and energy-absorbing heel.

But there’s more! Did you know that S2 work shoes offer increased resistance to water? The water-repellent shaft keeps your feet dry. That makes these safety shoes perfect for use in damp working conditions.

S3 safety shoes

S3 safety shoes

What does S3 mean in work shoes? Well, this type is very popular thanks to the extensive protection it offers on the shop floor. Below is an overview of the main features:

  • Impenetrable midsole. Unlike the S1 and S2, S3 work shoes have an anti-perforation midsole. This prevents nails or pieces of broken glass from penetrating the sole and injuring your foot.
  • A waterproof shaft. S3 safety shoes are highly suitable for work environments that involve wet or damp conditions.
  • Safety toecap. Protects toes from sharp objects.
  • Anti-slip outsole. For a good grip on various slippery surfaces.
  • Antistatic outsole. Reduces the likelihood of electrostatic discharges.
  • Energy-absorbing heel. Lowers the impact on your body.

These safety shoes are specially designed for work environments where a higher level of protection is required. Think construction sites, warehouses, industrial sites, etc. Choose S3 for optimal protection, safety and comfort during your daily tasks.

Discover the DASSY models, Type S3: low-cut safety shoes Zeus, Neptunus, Corus and Nox and high-cut safety shoes Hermes, Sparta and Thanos. NEW: At DASSY, you can now find S3S safety shoes Anubis, Amon and Horus. Certified according to the updated standard EN ISO 20345:2022.

S4 safety boots

Type S4 is a standard safety boot and is similar to the Type S1 safety shoes. Therefore, these boots have a sturdy safety toecap, antistatic properties and an energy-absorbing heel.

S4 work boots are suitable for working in rainy weather. Since the boots are made of PU, rubber or synthetic materials, they are labelled ‘Waterproof’.

S5 safety boots

Finally, the S5 work boots. The same features as in Type S4 can also be found in this pair of boots. In other words, a safety toecap, antistatic outsole, energy-absorbing heel and waterproof shaft. The following properties make these boots even safer:

  • Anti-perforation midsole. A sturdy sole that protects your foot from sharp materials.
  • Anti-slip outsole. Prevents you from slipping.

Which work shoes will you choose?

Please note that – depending on the sector you work in – different regulations and laws apply to safety shoes. Therefore, there may be additional requirements related to specific workplace hazards. For example: anti-slip outsoles for slippery surfaces, protection against electrostatic discharges, etc.7

Need new safety shoes? Always consult the applicable safety regulations within your specific sector. In this way, you will enjoy the best protection during your work.