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DASSY® workwear

General USPs

DASSY® stands for quality. From raw materials to finished garments. We carefully monitor the quality of our collections at every stage of the production process. An added bonus: we carry out the entire production process ourselves. From design to production and from finishing to distribution.


1. Only the best materials

Our quality process begins with the raw materials. We set strict quality and finishing requirements from the outset. From the fabric and yarn to the buttons and zippers, all components undergo rigorous quality control. We do a lot of testing in our own laboratory at our production site in Sri Lanka. Thanks to the high-quality materials, our workwear is easy to care for and each garment lasts a long time.
In addition, all our collections meet the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. All our workwear is 100% free from harmful substances or chemicals.

2. Manufacturing at the highest level

We closely monitor the production process at every stage to ensure that the highest standards are met.
New employees at our production centre undergo intensive training at a specially developed training centre. This is where they learn all the tricks of the trade.
To ensure 100% quality during the production process, we carry out various quality checks on the production lines. The semi-finished garment is inspected in the middle of each line. At the end of the line, the finished garment is inspected once again. This ensures that a garment passes every stage of production with flying colours.
Did you know that our production centre is highly automated? For example, we use automatic sewing machines. This ensures consistent quality.

3. Tested and approved

In addition, external testing centres carry out additional quality inspections. Independent, recognised bodies check that our products meet the specified requirements for water resistance, tensile strength, abrasion, etc.
Notified bodies issue certificates so that professionals can use our workwear in complete safety. This is how we guarantee top quality and compliance with all European norms and standards.

4. Getting DASSY® to your doorstep!

Finally, our containers are ‘loose loaded’. We transport our garments without using pallets, film or plastic straps. This allows more items to fit in each container and is more environmentally friendly.
Once the containers arrive in Bruges, we store all the DASSY® products in our state-of-the-art warehouse. Thanks to the automated processes in our distribution centre, we can supply our dealer network quickly and efficiently.


Our workwear is expertly designed and continuously tested for specific work situations. For example, the independent DASSY® Test Team provides a comprehensive assessment of the functionality of our garments. These professionals test the workwear day in, day out, in their working conditions. Strong enough? Are there enough pockets in the right places? Comfortable enough to wear? They give their feedback to our R&D team and the Product Manager. Based on that feedback, we go back to work until we get it absolutely right.

There’s no end to the features we offer: detachable hoods, an extendable hem, the adjustable elasticated waistband at the back, and our different inside leg lengths (Standard, Minus and Plus). Our garments are also designed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions: dark, cold, rain and wind, as well as rising temperatures. You’re always protected!

Workwear that fits perfectly is more practical, safer and much more comfortable.


Good design is essential in our design process. We also translate our sustainability goals into our collections. Instead of following passing trends, we deliberately choose timeless and pure designs that you can combine year after year across collections. Moreover, everything in a collection can be combined thanks to a well thought-out design line and well-chosen colour schemes. Our colours are classic and timeless, with subtle accents and details that always suit a contemporary look. Let’s mix & match!


Our range is well-defined and suitable for dressing different categories of employees in a company, regardless of their position. We offer a range of products for both men and women, and we dress employees in a variety of sectors working in different weather conditions all year round.

Our collections are put together in a very recognisable way. Do you need classic work trousers, work trousers with knee pockets or work trousers with knee and holster pockets? One thing’s for sure, you’ll find it at DASSY®. We complement our range of work trousers with a variety of topwear, from outer layers to base layers. Accessories and safety shoes are also part of our range. You'll be safe from head to toe with DASSY®.