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DASSY professional workwear

Our Company culture & values

DASSY professional workwear is more than just a label attached to a garment. Conscious of the fact that users who wear our brand are also wearing our name and the values we stand for, DASSY is committed to producing workwear in a socially responsible and environmental friendly way and to maintain an ethical and ecological code of conduct in meeting the needs of our global customers, employees and communities.


Company culture & values

Through integrity, honesty, passion for our business and our brand as well as respect for each individual and the environment , we engage in business practices that are consistent with our ethics and values. We at DASSY believe in creating a healthy and open working environment for our employees, where they can voice their concerns freely, take opportunities to gain new knowledge and improve their skills. It is our understanding this encourages us to adopt the same approach to ethics and integrity in everything we do. Guided by these shared ethical and ecological values, we aim to profile our company as a trustworthy partner and extend these understandings not only to fellow members of our organization but also to potential new employees, customers and suppliers.

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Focus on employee health and safety

We believe that the safety and health of our employees is of the highest importance. We seek to provide a healthy working environment where creative thinking, personal growth and career development through equal opportunities are encouraged.

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Client value creation

Every day, we at DASSY strive to improve customer satisfaction and gain their confidence through longterm relationships by being responsible and consistently delivering quality.

Within this scope, we provide our customers with high quality products at a competitive price and create an open communication environment about our products and our company via our website, yearly renewed catalogues, dealer trainings, focus groups, etc. Our expertise in the field of pattern development, raw material procurement and clothing manufacturing form the basis for developing workwear that meets our customers’ demands.

As an additional guarantee that DASSY workwear meets the highest quality requirements, our products are tested in great depth by a group of independent professionals from diverse occupations and industries , who collectively form the DASSY test team, and tests are carried out in the in-house industrial laundry and by independent, recognized test centres and institutes.

Long-term relationships

Long-term relationships with suppliers and contractors

DASSY takes into account that, in reaching our business objectives, we rely on a number of people and relationships with other companies and organizations. Whether they are customers, employees or business partners, we believe that building long-term relationships and showing respect towards everyone who contributes to our organizations’ goals is fundamental to our business.

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Community involvement and engagement towards society

Investing in additional jobs
As a result of sustainable growth and further ambitions, DASSY creates additional jobs not only in its country of origin but also abroad. By providing a healthy working environment and offering career prospects, we seek to retain our committed and talented colleagues, and as we grow to attract even more such people. As a result, we want to ensure that we are a fair partner to them as well as to our suppliers or any other user of DASSY professional workwear.

Sponsorship and charity work
Through charity donations and sponsorship of educational or cultural initiatives for example, we participate in and contribute to local organizations that improve the quality of life in the communities where we live and work.

Extending principles

Extending principles

A part from our own ethical principles and environmental initiatives, we require our suppliers, their subcontractors and other business partners to do the same. Business contracts and a suppliers code of conduct help us to select business partners who follow workplace standards and business practices that are consistent with our company’s values.