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Terms of use

The following terms of use apply to the websites offered by DASSY EUROPE and/or its subsidiaries as well as the associated services. These general terms of use may in a specific case be supplemented, modified or replaced by additional terms and conditions without prior written consent by DASSY. You are deemed to have accepted the application of these terms of use at the time you log in or, where no special log in is required, at the time you start using a DASSY EUROPE site.

1. Copyright and Other Intellectual Property Rights
Copyright © DASSY EUROPE. All rights reserved. The content of the DASSY EUROPE Sites, including, but not limited to, their web pages, programs, graphics, illustrations, audio, videos, scripts, texts as well as the arrangement of same on the Sites are subject to copyright protection and other laws protecting intellectual property.

The content of the DASSY EUROPE Sites may not be used for commercial, business and/or public purposes, in particular it may not be copied, distributed, modified or made accessible to third parties without prior written consent by DASSY. Any copies made of the content must contain a DASSY EUROPE copyright notice. Notices of protected rights may not be removed.

2. License
You are not granted an explicit or implicit license or any other right to use the content of the DASSY EUROPE Sites unless you first obtain the written consent of DASSY EUROPE or the respective licensor. Any improper use of the content is strictly forbidden and DASSY EUROPE will institute civil and criminal proceedings in relation thereto.

3. Information sent to DASSY EUROPE
All comments, suggestions, ideas and other content which you send to or otherwise make available to DASSY EUROPE (Information Sent) will be treated as non-confidential. DASSY EUROPE is not obliged to treat the Information Sent confidentially. DASSY EUROPE will be entitled to use and exploit the Information Sent free of charge.

4. Liability for information sent
You will be liable for ensuring that none of the information you send violates the rights of third parties, including, but not limited to, copyrights, trademarks, patent rights, business secrets, privacy or other personal rights or intellectual property rights. In connection with the aforegoing, you will be required to indemnify DASSY EUROPE against all third-party claims, including the reasonable costs of legally defending its rights.

5. User Behaviour
You are prohibited while using the DASSY EUROPE Sites (a) from inflicting damage on people (especially on minors) and from violating their rights of personality, (b) from behaving in a manner that violates public policy, (c) from sending content that is libellous, defamatory, obscene, insulting, pornographic or which glorifies violence or invades the privacy of another person, and (d) from infringing industrial property rights or copyright or other proprietary rights and from advertising goods or services and from soliciting transfers of economic benefit.

User activities which are aimed at disabling the DASSY EUROPE Sites or at least making their use more difficult are forbidden and may lead to DASSY EUROPE instituting civil or criminal proceedings.

You are also prohibited from using the DASSY EUROPE Sites for any purpose that is unlawful. In particular, you are not permitted to register third parties at the DASSY EUROPE Sites for a subscription to a newsletter or similar publication (e.g. My Account) without their knowledge and express consent or to register them for a competition without their knowledge and express consent.

DASSY EUROPE may block your access to the DASSY EUROPE Sites at any time, including, but not limited to, where you breach your duties under these Terms of Use.

6. Registration and Password
Some of the DASSY EUROPE Sites may be password protected or some Sites that were previously freely accessible may now require that you register. You have no right to demand that DASSY EUROPE register you. DASSY EUROPE may at any time revoke your login authorization and block your login data without giving reasons, including, but not limited to, where (a) you made a false statement at the time you registered, (b) you violated the law when using the DASSY EUROPE Sites or (c) you have, for an extended period of time, not used the DASSY EUROPE Sites.

All information that you supply when registering must be truthful and you must notify DASSY EUROPE without delay of any changes which subsequently affect the information supplied.

After you have successfully registered, you will automatically receive an e-mail notifying you that your account has been set up. You must keep your user ID and password confidential, may not make them available to any third party and must protect your user ID and password from access by unauthorized third parties. You will be responsible for any misuse of your user ID or password.

7. Rules for (online) competitions


The following rules for (online) competitions are valid for all competitions organized by DASSY EUROPE through its online channels: facebook page /DASSYprofessionalworkwear, instagram page or website

These rules may be modified or replaced by other rules in specific cases. The rules stipulated for a specific case take precedence over rules stipulating otherwise or the rules in the general conditions for competitions. If the rules are concurrent, both regulations are valid.


  1. You can enter the competitions through the official Facebook page or Instagram page of DASSY EUROPE and its websites.
  2. Every person officially living in the European Union can participate in the contest, except for the employees of the organizer and any other person who participated in the realization of the current contest.
  3. Each person of 16 years or over can participate in a competition organised by DASSY EUROPE. Minors may participate in online competitions, if they receive explicit consent by one of their parents or guardians. If a minor enters a competitions, DASSY EUROPE assumes he/she has consent of her/his parents/guardians. If a minor cannot present this consent, he or she can be denied entry to the competition or the right to a prize at any time.
  4. In case of entry through a fake profile, the person linked to the profile can be denied entry to the competition or the right to a prize at any time. If DASSY EUROPE remarks irregularities or someone falsifying the competition, DASSY EUROPE always has the right to exclude a competitor from the competition.
  5. DASSY cannot be held liable for interruptions of the game, whether or not due to malfunctions related to the Internet, the website, the network, the software or the hardware (from third parties), any technical problems and / or problems caused by third parties (such as delay, strike, damage, etc.), making participation impossible.
  6. In case of a competitions in which multiple prizes can be won, each contestant has the right to a maximum of 1 prize. This way, prizes are distributed equally and fair. Unless stipulated otherwise (1 prize may also constitute several elements).
  7. Each person can only participate once. If there are multiple participations by the same person, we will only consider the last one.
  8. DASSY commits to send the prize to the winner within the European Union. Shipping outside the European Union should be paid by the participant.
  9. The regulations or terms of use to participate in a competitions are always mentioned in the promotional message / website / page / flyer in a short version, alongside these extensive terms of use which are valid for all competitions organised by DASSY EUROPE.
  10. Contestants are not entitled to claim the cash value of a prize or to exchange a prize for another prize.
  11. No recourse may be had to the courts. DASSY  cannot be held liable for any damage, direct and / or indirect, which is in any way connected with the competition.
  12. Facebook cannot be associated with the competition and is in no way supported or executed by Facebook. Facebook therefore cannot be held responsible in case of problems.
  13. Instagram cannot be associated with the competition and is in no way supported or executed by Instagram. Instagram therefore cannot be held responsible in case of problems.


  1. Participants provide information to DASSY EUROPE and not to Facebook or Instagram.
  2. By participating in the contest, each participant agrees automatically that his first name and surname could be published by DASSY and that he can be mentioned as winner of the competition.


  1. The allocation of the prizes to the contestants will take place at the end of a competition period by a competent of DASSY EUROPE.
  2. Participations that are requested or filed before or after the competition period are not entitled to claim a prize.
  3. The way the winner is selected may vary per game and is always explained on the action page, action poster or the action message communicated, in addition to this extensive contest rules. In the case of a "Facebook like action" in which the game is to collect the most number of likes on a Facebook photo or post on DASSY Facebook page, the winner is chosen based on the total number of likes for a particular picture or post at the time of the announcement of the winner. Only the likes that are visible to the administrator (s) of the DASSY Facebook page apply. Likes that are not visible due to privacy settings for a particular user, cannot be brought into account.

8. Liability
You are responsible for all your actions at or in connection with the DASSY EUROPE Sites.

DASSY EUROPE strives to ensure that these sites are administered and maintained with due care. Nonetheless, DASSY EUROPE does not warrant that the information contained on the DASSY EUROPE Sites is error-free or accurate or that access to the DASSY EUROPE Sites will be uninterrupted. Furthermore, it disclaims any liability for lost, damaged or deleted downloads.

DASSY EUROPE accepts no liability for any damage arising directly or indirectly from the use of the DASSY EUROPE Sites or the downloading of files on the sites.

9. Links / content of Third Party sites
To the extent that the DASSY EUROPE Sites mirror other Internet sites which are operated by third parties or contain links to such sites, DASSY EUROPE assumes no liability for the content of these sites nor does it endorse them or their content. DASSY EUROPE is not responsible for the content of such sites. Your use of such sites is at your own risk.

You are not permitted to post any content to the DASSY EUROPE Sites unless DASSY EUROPE has requested you to do so or has explicitly made the necessary applications available. As a rule, DASSY EUROPE has no control or influence over the content posted by users of the DASSY EUROPE Sites or other third parties. The persons responsible for such content are the users or third parties who posted such content, but not DASSY EUROPE.

10. Changes / Improvements
DASSY EUROPE reserves the right to amend these Terms of Use as well as to modify the content and structure of the DASSY EUROPE Sites at any time. The right reserved above will also include the right to make certain offerings and services subject to payment or to discontinue them entirely.

11. Prices 
A. All of the prices listed on the Website are recommended retail prices excluding VAT. These prices are only indicative and not binding.
B. The specified product prices may vary by product, depending on the choice of quality, colour, size or model type of the product (if applicable). On the website, the product price is always adjusted according to the selected criteria.