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DASSY professional workwear

3 things you didn’t know about … the DASSY®Xantus belt


During the launch of our most recent DASSY collection with stretch, we have already announced that this collection also includes a beautiful, modern stretch belt with embossed DASSY logo. That it’s called the DASSY®Xantus is no secret, but do you also know these 3 things about the new belt?

1. Adjustable in length

A belt with the perfect length, without an annoying ‘leftover’-part at the tail? That’s practical, isn’t it? That’s why the DASSY®Xantus belt has a maximum length of 135 cm, but you can also easily shorten it. Result: a belt with a perfect fit. Moreover, since you can shorten the belt at the buckle, the end is still beautifully finished.

Read here how you can efficiently shorten your belt, or watch the how-to movie:

  1. Open the belt at the buckle end, for instance use a flathead screwdriver to do so. 
  2. Pull your belt through the buckle until the tail has the desired length (= minimum the circumference of your waist)
  3. Cut off the ‘leftover’-part at the belt buckle
  4. Neatly close the buckle again

2. 6 dynamic colours

With the right belt, you can upgrade your entire work outfit! Because the new DASSY®Xantus is available in no less than 6 different colours, you are free to combine as you choose! Azure blue/anthracite grey work trousers with an anthracite belt? Nice! Or a complete black outfit with a flashy red belt? Excellent choice. And a belt in your company colour? That will definitely make your company stand out! 

Did you know that the 6 colours of the DASSY®Xantus also offer a perfect match with the entire D-FX collection? Result: even more choice to create the perfect Mix & Match! 

Discover our 3 tips to incorporate your company colours in your work outfit here

3. Hidden bottle opener

Probably the most striking fact of this blog! The new belt buckle of the DASSY®Xantus has a bottle opener as an extra feature. Could come in handy when you are thirsting for a refreshing drink or when you want to crack open a cold one at the end of your shift with your work buddies.