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DASSY® workwear

Workwear for women

Workwear women

In many work environments, workwear is mandatory. But finding something that is both comfortable and stylish can be a challenge for women. Functionality is also a factor when looking for the right workwear. Here at DASSY®, we take all of these needs into account during our design process, so that we can offer a fantastic range of workwear to suit every woman.

The DASSY women's collection

We understand the importance of well-fitting workwear. Clothing that is too small or too big is not only uncomfortable to wear, but it can also cause dangerous situations if it gets caught. That's why DASSY offers workwear for women in both small (XS) and large (XXL) sizes. After all, every woman deserves to be able to work safely and comfortably.

Ladies workwear trousers

Work trousers women

High-quality trousers are an essential part of your work wardrobe. DASSY work trousers have been designed with a women's fit in mind. The result? A contemporary straight fit that suits all body types, thanks to:

  1. the adjustable elasticated waistband at the back
  2. the elastic in the side of the waistband
  3. the extra stretch in the waist

All DASSY women's work trousers also have an adjustable hem so you can extend the length of trousers by an additional 6cm without damaging the fabric!
We also offer work shorts for women in our range of workwear for women –such as the DASSY® Axis Women, which is available in four different colours, including black and red.

Our range of comfortable work jackets

A good work jacket is a must-have for many jobs, especially for women who work outside in all kinds of weather. And just like your work trousers, your work jacket should also be practical, comfortable and stylish. DASSY has it all!

Sofshell work jacket: protection from wind and rain

A popular choice for work jackets for women is the softshell jacket – a lightweight, breathable fleece-lined jacket that offers good protection from the wind and rain. DASSY softshell jackets come in a range of colours and sizes (from XS to XXL). And we haven't forgotten about your mobility: thanks to the mechanical stretch, the jacket moves with you.

Work jackets to brave the winter

Do you work outdoors in winter or in cold conditions? Then a winter work jacket is a must. The DASSY® Nordix winter jacket is made from warm materials and insulates against the cold and wind. It also has a detachable hood and cuffs, so it’s easy to adapt to the weather conditions.

The DASSY painters’ collection for women

Workwear for women

Workwear can vary from sector to sector; each sector has its own specific requirements for the clothing worn by its professionals. Did you know that DASSY has a unique painters’ collection especially for women? The products in the DASSY D-FX Flex Painters Women range have been designed so that painters and plasterers can work in comfort.

The trousers in this range are Smart Flex, which means they feature mechanical stretch in strategic places for maximum freedom of movement. For example, the stretch at the back of the knees allows you to bend more easily.

As a painter or plasterer, you often have to work on your knees, which is why the DASSY® Dynax has knee pockets for inserting knee pads. Great for combining with the DASSY® Cratos knee pads!

Work shoes

Safety shoes women

Safety shoes are often mandatory, but for women with small feet it can be difficult to find the right ones. Our DASSY® Nox safety shoes are available from size 36.

But which shoes – and which class – are right for you? This will depend on the conditions in which you work, and you should always discuss it with your safety advisor.

S1 safety shoes protect against impacts or falls, but are not waterproof.
If you work outdoors or in a damp environment, S3 safety shoes are probably a better option. These are waterproof and also protect against penetration.

Where to buy women’s workwear

If you are a female professional looking for high-quality, comfortable workwear, DASSY is the place to be. Would you like to discover our collections and buy workwear for women? Use the store locator on our website to find a DASSY retailer near you and start filling your shopping basket!