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DASSY professional workwear
Waterproofness and breathability

Waterproofness and breathability - What does it mean to you?


The breathability of the fabric ensures that transpiration moisture can escape quickly. This enables you to stay dry while at work. The permeability of a fabric is measured on the basis of the speed with which water vapour can escape. This is expressed in “MVP”, or “Moisture Vapour Permeability”. The higher the MVP value, the stronger the breathability of the fabric.


A waterproof fabric ensures that rain and snow cannot penetrate for a long time, enabling you to stay dry and continue to work even in bad weather. A fabric’s waterproofness is determined by measuring the quantity of water – the so-called “water column” – a fabric can resist before moisture starts to penetrate. This is expressed in “WR”, or “Water Resistance”. The higher the result, the longer you can continue to work in bad weather without experiencing any discomfort.